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楊雅雯 Ya-Wen Yang

楊雅雯Ya-Wen Yang

Current Appointment

Assistant Research Professor, Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica

Education & Experiences

PhD, SOAS, University of London
LLM, Cambridge University
LLM, Yale University
MSc in Political Theory, the London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London
LLM, National Taiwan University

Research Fields

Constitutional Theories, Equal Protection, Normative Democratic Theories, Citizenship Theories

Other Information

Date of First Appointment:05/01/2021

Journal Articles

  • Lee Po-Han, Yang Ya-Wen, Wu Harry Yi-Jui, Liu Wen, 2022, “‘The Future of Taiwan Studies in the Post-covid World’: Online Series on ‘covid and Governance: Global and Social Solidarity’, 31 July 2020”, International Journal of Taiwan Studies, 5, 165-180. Relevant Links(open new window)
  • 楊雅雯,accepted,〈從勞動權人權化之辯論與能力進路之勞動規範觀點反思工作權定性〉(Is the Constitutional Right to Work a Right of Nationals? Revisiting the Debate through the Capabilities Approach),《國立臺灣大學法學論叢》。(TSSCI)
  • 楊雅雯,2021,〈跨越國境的勞動平權?—論勞動權利之平等保護面對「暫時性跨國移工制度」之侷限〉(Can Equal Protection for Workers as a Human Right Transcend State Borders? The Hard Case of the Temporary Migrant Worker Programme),《中研院法學期刊》,28, 211-285。(TSSCI) Relevant Links(open new window)

Book Chapters

  • 楊雅雯、劉恆妏,2021,〈耗時七天,打造萬年國會—釋字第三十一號解釋檔案〉,葉虹靈編,《奉命釋法:大法官與轉型正義》,頁153-188,臺北市:促進轉型正義委員會。
  • 楊雅雯,2021,〈萬年國會的動搖跡象—釋字第一五○號解釋檔案〉,葉虹靈編,《奉命釋法:大法官與轉型正義》,頁233-267,臺北市:促進轉型正義委員會。
  • Matt Liu, Tim Chou, Yawen Yang, 2014, “Taiwan”, editor(s): D. Daniel Sokol, Daniel Crane, Ariel Ezrachi, Global Antitrust Compliance Handbook, pp. 40, Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.

Conference Papers

  • 楊雅雯,2020,〈司法院釋字第150號解釋檔案分析報告〉,發表於「大法官與轉型正義—從9份解釋談起」學術研討會,臺灣,臺北市(國立臺灣大學法律學院):促進轉型正義委員會,2020-09-28。


  • 楊雅雯(節譯),未出版,〈Case of Eweida and Others v. the United Kigdom(受僱人佩戴宗教飾品或以宗教理由拒絕提供服務案)歐洲人權法院第四庭於2013/5/27之裁判〉,《歐洲人權法院裁判選譯(五)》。
  • 楊雅雯(節譯),未出版,〈Khlaifia and Others v. Italy(拘留待遣返移徙者之正當程序、拘留條件與救濟途徑案)歐洲人權法院大法庭於2016/12/16之裁判〉,《歐洲人權法院裁判選譯(五)》。
  • 楊雅雯,2021,〈如果在冬夜,一個博後〉,《研之得法—中央研究院法律學研究所成立十週年文集》。 Relevant Links(open new window)
  • Ya-Wen Yang trans., 2020, “J.Y. Interpretation No. 601 (July 22, 2005), Deletion of the Budget Appropriated as a Specialized Payment for the Justices Case”, Leading Cases of the Taiwan Constitutional Court, Volume Three. Relevant Links(open new window)
  • 楊雅雯(節譯),2013,〈Advisory Opinion(歐洲人權法院法官候選人提名名單之性別比例)歐洲人權法院大法庭於2008/2/12之諮詢意見〉,《歐洲人權法院裁判選譯(三)》。 Relevant Links(open new window)
  • 楊雅雯(節譯),2013,〈Burden v. the United Kingdom(英國對同居姊妹課徵遺產稅案)歐洲人權法院大法庭於2008/4/29之裁判〉,《歐洲人權法院裁判選譯(三)》。 Relevant Links(open new window)
  • 黃昭元、楊雅雯(節譯),2008,〈Supreme Holy Council of the Muslim Community v. Bulgaria(保加利亞穆斯林社群分裂案)歐洲人權法院大法庭於2004/12/16之裁判〉,《歐洲人權法院裁判選譯(一)》。 Relevant Links(open new window)


  • Ya-Wen Yang, 2019, “Towards Democratic Citizenship for Temporary Migrant Workers: A Non-domination Approach”.

Research Project Report

  • 陳宜倩、楊雅雯,2022,《行政院「性別變更要件法制化及立法建議」研究案》,行政院性別平等處委託。
  • 蘇慧婕、林春元、楊雅雯,2021,《法官使用社群媒體規範之研究》,司法院委託。